The following are the Services Offered  by the company:

Providing P & I diagrams and process flow diagrams

Providing layout, plan and elevation of the plant

Design of distillation columns

Design of heat exchangers like condensers, reboilers, coolers, heaters etc.,

Design of batch and continuous reactors and storage tanks

Sizing of pumps for and utilities

Sizing of pipelines for process

Calculation of utilities requirements, like steam, cooling water, chilled water, chilled brine etc.

Scaling up of pilot plant to commercial size based on the data provided

Suggestion of suitable instrumentation for automation

Sizing of pipelines for vacuum service

Identification of suitable vendors, if required

Evaluation of vendors, if required

Stage-wise inspection of fabrication items, if required

Pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance, if required/where required

Providing load data of equipment (static and dynamic) for design of civil/steel structure by the civil engineer.
Design of scrubbers.