Our Company Clients

M/s Biovin Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd. : Complete Basic and Detailed designs and engineering for an API plant at Visakhapatnam. Project cost: Rs. 50.0 crores

M/s Vasudha Pharma: Solvent recovery system: Project cost Rs 1.5 crores

M/s Hyderabad Chemicals Products: Solvent Recovery System modification

M/s Synthokem Laboratories Private Limited, Hyderabad: complete basic and detailed engineering for their API and API intermediates expansion plant coming up at Pashamylaram, near Hyderabad . Project cost: approx: Rs 25 crores

M/s MSN Labs, Hyderabad: Multi purpose Solvent Recovery Column design and engineering: Project cost: Rs 50 lakhs

Net Matrix Limited: Basic and Detailed Engineering for Crop Care Chemicals Unit at Visakhapatnam SEZ. Project cost Rs 120.0 crores