The chief promoter Director, V. Ramachandra is a postgraduate in chemical engineering from REC, Warangal, now NIT and has experience in production, commissioning, and design of plants from concept to commissioning for the last 30 years. He joined as a trainee engineer with M/s P.J. Chemicals Ltd, Hyderabad set up by Dr. P.S.Murthy for the manufacture of Ethyl Amines from Ethyl Alcohol and Ammonia. He was involved in the catalyst development and in the erection and the successful commissioning of the plant. He was involved in the development of products like Dimethyl Oxalate & Diphenyl Oxide in the Pilot Plant.

He subsequently worked with M/s Volrho Limited, a pesticides manufacturing unit in Hyderabad and looked after the production of Phosalone, Ethion etc. Was involved in the successful commissioning of a new pesticide, Phorate.  Joined M/s Kobe Engineering Consultants (P) Ltd, set up by Dr.P.S.Murty, for providing Engineering services to Chemical industries. Was involved in the design and commissioning of a 10 TPD Methyl Amines plant for M/s Balaji Amines Limited. During the service at M/s Kobe, he was instrumental in the design of a Camphor Plant for M/s Sapthagiri Camphor Limited, at Anantapur, in Andhra Pradesh.  TriMethyl Phosphite and TriChloro Acetyl Chloride Plant for M/s Watsol Organics Limited and in  the development of Chlorpyriphos, an Insecticide,  for M/s Montari Industries, Chandigarh

Joined M/s Watsol Organics Limited as a Director Projects and after completion of the commissioning of the plant for the manufacture of Trichloro Acetyl Chloride and Tri Methyl Phosphite, joined M/s Neuland Laboratories Limited as a Process Engineering Consultant and worked for 5 years with Neuland Laboratories Ltd.,  before joining M/s Balaji Amines Limited in their projects division in 2001 as General Manager-Technical and served as Vice President-Technical during the last 2 years before starting his own consultancy in June 2008.

During his tenure at Balaji Amines, he was instrumental in designing a 60 TPD Methyl Amines Plant, rated among one of the best plants in Asia with the least consumption co-efficients in terms of Steam and Power. The plant has been in operation for the last 6 years. He was chiefly responsible in the development of a new product, N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone in the Pilot Plant and subsequently designing a commercial plant independently, which has been in operation for the last 5 years.
Balaji Amines Limited is the first company in India to manufacture NMP on a commercial scale and is now competing with the likes of BASF who are leaders in the world of fine chemicals and the largest manufacture of this product. He was also instrumetal in the designing of plants for the manufacture of Morpholine from Diethylene Glycol and Ammonia, Choline Chloride, Gamma Butyro Lactone from 1,4-Butanediol, converting DMA HCL reaction to a continuous mode from Batch operation and developing 2-Pyrrolidone and N-Ethyl-2-Pyrrolidone in the Pilot Plant. The latter two products have also been  commercialized. Designed a commercial plant for the manufacture of Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone, which has been subsequently commissioned successfully.

Was instrumental in the development of Solanesol from Tobacco extract in the pilot scale and later designed a commercial plant of 1 TPD capacity. He has done consultancy works for various companies in a personal capacity during the tenure with M/s KECL and designed Distillation columns for various solvents, which are running successfully.