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Our flexible rental plans are tailor-made to suit each and every kind of customer requirement. Moreover, our service is the best money can buy.  Be it an emergency or otherwise, our technicians will be on the spot immediately to solve and take care of all the technical problems of your copier. We are experts at keeping your machine in the best of shape.

  Features we offer
  Copy Size - A5 to A3
  Copy Speed - 16 to 85 CPM
  Warm up - 5 to 300 Sec.
  Zoom - 25 to 800%
  Scan - Single Scan Multi Print
  Sorting - Electronic Sorting
  Duplex - Stackless Duplex
  Image Quality - 600 to 2400 dpi
  Screen type - Touch Screen
  Half tone - 256 Gradations of   gray
  Paper Supply - 500 to 5000   Sheets
  Paper Thickness - 75 to 200   GSM
  Multiple Copies - 1 to 999
  Our Catalogue
Copier GP405 Photocopier GP605 Copier IR5000
GP405 GP605 IR5000
Photocopier IR1600 Copier IR2200 Photcopier IR3300
IR1600 IR2200 IR3300



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