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We introduce ourselves as a pioneer in the sales and service of Plain Paper COPIER for the past two decades. We have great pleasure in offering RENTALS of various models of photocopier for Government organization, Educational Institutes and Corporate sectors. We have wide experience and infrastructure for supply, maintenance and upkeep of various models of Copier.


Even though the photocopier has now become ubiquitous in offices and establishments throughout the world they involve a significant expense which might not always be affordable for small and medium enterprises. These then have the option of being able to invest small amounts of capital on machines that fulfill their immediate needs with the help of a lend lease.

Copier Rentals... the smart option for small to medium enterprises.

Sai Baba Document Solutions can customize a RENTAL Program to meet all your needs, see below what our customer have discovered and benefited.

No Investment
Minimum Critical Downtime
No Hidden Charges
FREE Upgrade of Technology
Replacement of Copier every Two years
Rent is inclusive of Spares & Maintenance
  Choose from our wide variety of top brands at reasonable prices. Our technicians and staff are waiting for your call. Need a quote fast? Click Here


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