Our reputation for quality

A spin-off of care!

Quality at Sholingur Textiles begins with a conducive environment and is maintained through the many stages of manufactures. In addition to the latest equipment and technology, the raw material is subjected to hand cleaning and is further cleaned in the Blow Room with the sophisticated Cotton Contamination cleaner to obtain contamination-free cotton. This is reflected in the healthy prices its products fetch.

Sholingur Textiles, with its IS/ISO 9001 : 2000 certification has a well oiled quality system in place to monitor the entire process right from raw material selection to yarn delivery. The quality Circles play an important role in maintaining the quality of the product at every stage supported by the fully equipped testing lab and by its software division.


Environmental factors aiding quality:

Humidified work floors.
Centralised waste extraction system for all the cards and combers.
Overhead travelling cleaners on all spinning frames as well as back process and finishing machinery.

Equipment and technology:

Almost all equipment is Reiter designed.
Trutzscheler high production cards.
Schlafhorst Autoconers equipped with SIRO clearers to eliminate contamination.
Two-for one Twisters assure knotless yarn.
Xorella yarn Conditioning ensures better performance at the fabric weaving/knitting and finishing stages.

Testing Laboratory sophistication:

Spinlab Digital Fibrograph for cotton testing.
Compusorter for instant CV of count.
Uster Evenness Tester.
Uster Classimat III.
Uster Ring Data System for continuous man/machine performance monitoring.