A range wide and versatile

Production in top spin!

Sholingur Textiles manufactures yarns that adequately meet customer specifications. The yarns are suitable for a host of end-fabrics and textures.

The company commenced production in 1967 with 12,000 spindles. The capacity has been increased systematically over the years to the present capacity of 47,000 spindles.

Apart from this, the company has an installed capacity of 360 rotors, 2,484 TFO spindles and 10,688 ring doubling spindles.

The company has been installing state-of-the-art machinery, both indigenous and imported, to enhance the production and quality of yarn.

The yarns produced by the company confirms to 5% to 10% Uster standards.

  Present range  
Ring Spun Yarn
Open End Yarn
Tow-fold-Yarns (Ring Doubled and TFO)
  Counts produced (NE)  
8/1 to 20/1 on Open End Yarn
36/1 and 36/2 Carded Cotton Yarn and Combed Cotton Yarn going upto 100/1, 120/2 and 140/2
Compact Yarn 50s – 80s


100% Supima, Ultima, Giza, CIS. African

Blends with Indian Cotton