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About us
Together we create a Special World !
We are people who completed graduation in India few years ago, and wanted to serve our bit for the society. It was certainly not an easy task for us to open an organization, there are many people who does a lot of social activities and most of them come with the concept of ‘Help the Needy’. We cannot help anyone just by offering them financial aid; it has to be something more than that. We should teach them the way to survive in this world and eradicate the ignorance and illiteracy and after a long debate and discussions, we came up with the idea of offering knowledge and quality education.

In modern era, it’s just not food, clothing and shelter that matters also quality education. Though Indians are extremely talented and considered to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world, we still lack quality education and exposure. ‘Nakashatra’s’ is an organization which solely concentrate on education and improving the standard’s of the students beyond social and economical barriers.

Only when the educational standards in the country are uniform we can improve all the sectors of the people, governmental organization does support children’s education until certain age but it is not certainly going to be enough for the children and learning process shouldn’t have any limitation.

The major reason for us to take an initiative to organize this community is to help people and children who below poverty line, to have well access to quality education and improve their standard of living. Children below poverty line has also got to contribute something major to our country if we can provide them quality education and enough exposure.

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