FLORA SCHOOL OF MUSIC has been sending its budding musicians for various examinations and competitions , thereby enhancing the competency and confidence of each individual.

The major examination, which is coveted by majority of the musicians – conducted by the TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON, didn’t go unnoticed by us. Every term, we send quite a number of students who not only pass through, but also come out with merit and distinction

Latest exam results:
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The great Vladimir Horowitz, an acclaimed Russian-American concert pianist once said, “If I do not practice for a day, I kow it. If I do not practice for two days, my wife knows it. If I do not practice for three days, my audience knows it.” This is indeed a very wise statement regarding practicing on any musical instruments including the piano.

How Long Should Each Piano Practice Session Be?

The amount of practice time will differ with each individual pianist and also whether you are a beginner or an accomplisher pianist. A beginner may need to practice for half an hour to an hour a day and gradually increase the time to 2 hours per day as he/ she progresses along.

A serious professional pianist should practice for about 4 hours or more a day because of his increased repertoire and skills of music. As playing engagements and other responsibilities increase with a developing career, then practice time can be decreased and you practice in accordance to your needs your professional and personal schedule allows. Whichever the case, practice sessions should be a continuing process throughout the pianist’s entire professional career.

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